Wanna know what do you get when you put a black dude and a Mexican dude together?  Deelio, that's what! A  tasty refreshing mix of cultures and flavor with music spoken in English, Spanish and Spanglish.  With funky pop songs like "That Sexy Walk" and "I Got A Feeling", sexy mid-tempos like "Atenta De Tu Cielo" and "Solo Tu y Yo", and fun party songs like "Que Loca Es La Vida" and "Pa Que Bailes De Cajon", or some of our Featuring joints with some of our friends like, Randy Ebright, Kenji Musica, Aguila Sativa, David Ponce, Saak to name a few.   Deelio's music is perfect for any occasion.  

     The singing duo Deelio was formed in 2016 after two friends (singer songwriter Claudio Zayas and multi- platinum, three time Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer Deezle, who has worked with Lil Wayne, Drake, J-Lo, Niki Minaj, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Destiny's Child to name few) decided to join musical creative forces while making a movie in the desert of Paracas Peru.  They are currently promoting their latest joint effort titled "The Deelio", which is available on all digital outlets.  Stay tuned on their social media pages so you can always know the Deelio! 

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